The craft technology of oilpaper umbrella is one of the China intangible cultural heritage. The earliest umbrella usage can be traced to the late spring and Autumn period. From the emperor's canopy to civilian's shelter of tools, oilpaper umbrella not only just daily necessities of life, and become an indispensable part of the Chinese cultural symbol. This project using rich of digital media technology to exhibit the oilpaper umbrella’s long history and culture connotation, including the umbrella history, techniques, color, region, meaning, and usage. The content of the project covers every important period of time of the oil-paper umbrella development, to show the charm of Chinese traditional arts, to contribute the dissemination of art and culture of oilpaper umbrella.

Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, Chine
Members of the production: Ma Gaofeng, Xiong Leiqi, Zou Zhenzhen, Jiang Jiayu, Wei Jiayi, Zhao Hang